smlogo lchc cgGetting ArtUp on the health center's nearly a mile of empty walls is a community effort.

Because we respect and want to support the local creative economy, half of the purchase price goes to the artist who created the work that is sold.

The other half goes to Lowell Community Health Center’s WrapAround Fund. This fund is designed to provide care that goes beyond the exam room with services that are not covered by insurance, such as housing and food assistance referrals, medical interpreters, and insurance counseling.  Approximately 75% of the health center’s patients require Wraparound services. 

Lowell Community Health Center serves almost 50,000 people yearly, nearly half of Lowell’s population, with quality, affordable health care, regardless of the ability to pay. 

When you purchase a piece of art throught the ArtUp program, you financially benefit both the artist and health center. Most importantly, you give the gift of art to the health center, its patients, its staff, and its visitors, for years to come. You, our generous patrons, are helping to Create a Healing Canvas at Lowell Community Health Center.

Should you decide to donate directly to ArtUp and the WrapAround Fund, and let the ArtUp committee select which pieces of art to purchase, please click here.

Your support is greatly appreciated.