How to Purchase Artwork

smlogo lchc cgThanks for your interest in the ArtUp initiative. 

The art submitted to this project has been screened and selected for inclusion in this online catalog by a jury of professionals, along with staff members of the Lowell Community Health Center. 

We are grateful to be part of a city whose motto is "Art is the Handmaid of Human Good," and it is our hope that by your participation in this initiative, the concept of this project will catch on with other local businesses and serve to further ignite the imaginative minds of Lowell's creative economy sector.  Our patients, staff and visitors will all benefit from the healing power of art on our walls. Our beautiful health care facility is located at 161 Jackson Street in downtown Lowell.

View the Art

The catalog of artwork has been sorted by price and also by artist's name. Hover over the Purchase Art link above to select a price category or click on one of the links below to view and purchase artwork(s) in any of the following categories:

Up to $499
From $500 to $999
From $1000 to $2499
$2500 and Above
View and Purchase by Artist


If an artwork is marked as RESERVED it means that a donor has begun the process of purchasing the piece.  After the payment is received by Lowell Community Health Center, the artwork will then be marked as SOLD.  

Purchase the Art

Please note that you can purchase artwork(s) in your own name, "In Memory Of" a loved one, or to honor friends or family. You may purchase anonymously, if you prefer.

Once you have selected which artwork(s) you would like to purchase, you will communicate directly with the staff at Lowell Community Health Center via an initial email. Clicking on the link provided with each artwork's image caption will open up an email that is pre-addressed to the Health Center. 

In the email that opens up, please add your phone # and how you would like to pay (credit card, check, etc.)

A staff member from the Health Center will get back to you as soon as possible with a purchase agreement. 

What Happens After the Artwork is Purchased?

The artwork(s) that you have purchased becomes the property of the Lowell Community Health Center as a donation from you. You as the purchaser/donor, will be recognized on a plaque that is placed alongside the exhibited artwork. The Health Center will work with you to customize the wording of the plaque to your specifications.